Soccer is one of the most popular outdoor game which people enjoy out in the daylight. But what if the weather turns cold, dark, or the rain takes over the blue sky. There are not one but many indoor soccer games that can make you enjoy your favorite soccer game under the roof of your house. Indoor soccer games can be played anywhere be it your auditorium, gym, or wherever you have a lot of space.


Indoor soccer games are also known as indoor football in various parts of the world. Conventionally it is recognized by various names such as floorball, 6 sides football, arena soccer, or fast football. The indoor soccer games are immensely famous in Canada and the United States. The game was first created in Canada and the United States to enjoy indoor soccer games even in winters as the outdoor grounds get covered by snow. In such countries, the gym was acquired to play indoor soccer games. In different countries, people follow different practices while some play it indoors while others choose to play outdoors. The game is usually played in a room surrounded by walls.

The indoor soccer game has different rules and regulations as compared to other indoor games similar to football. Indoor soccer resembles games like futsal and five a side football but differs in one way or the other. The full game is played on a ceramic or wooden ground while indoor soccer is played on a synthetic surface or a synthetic carpet. The courts of indoor soccer games are either surrounded by walls or lines and it entitles no performer to throw-in.

The International body like FIFA which conducts the worldwide association football competitions does not enact the synthetic version of the indoor soccer game. The FIFA game mandates its own code of conduct to be followed for the game. The game authorized by FIFA is known as futsal.

The United States, Mexico, and Canada have different levels of enthusiasm for the indoor soccer game. The indoor soccer game is immensely popular in these countries. These countries retain various learners,  average players, and experienced indoor soccer players.


Rules of an indoor soccer game vary from place to place but some of the common rules followed worldwide include:


Ground or the field of most of the indoor soccer games are either rectangular or I am in shapes with the artificial synthetic floor. Some countries manufacture the game similar to basketball court by keeping the floor made of wood. Walls and fences are often made up of dashboards that are used for hockey. Also, the zones of the fields of indoor soccer games are smaller than soccer fields while the goals are insulated in the walls. Alike, the goals are generally smaller in size as compared to the standard sizes, and also the penalty is smaller in size.

Time Span of a Match

Mostly the indoor soccer games are divided into four quarters of a time span of 15 minutes each, which lasts for about 60 minutes. In between the first, second, third, and with the section there are 2-3 minutes of game breaks. Also, one 15 minutes break also known as half time is considered between the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Furthermore, if the game keeps on even when the time ends there is an additional break of 15 minutes which is termed as a golden goal overtime interval. However, a beginner plays the indoor soccer game for two halves if 25 minutes each. The two halves consist of not over time if the game verges on a tie.

Number of Players

Every team in the indoor soccer game comprises six players each encompassing the goalkeeper. The six players also consist of defense and forward which are commonly known as strikers and attackers. The game also permits to have substitute players.

Indoor Soccer Penalty Rules

Penalty and playoff rules. The ball of indoor soccer games might be stuck into the walls without any blockage or punishment. The game is stopped as and when the ball touches the ceiling or the walls. The opposite team who did not touch the wall or ceiling is rewarded a free-kick from the same position from where the ball left the court.



Indoor Soccer Contact Rules

The game also consists of certain contact rules. The indoor soccer game implies certain rules like the ball must not be touched with the hands, elbows, or from the back. Also, the players are not allowed to hold back their opponents. Players can kick only when the game is on or else the score will not be counted. There are many federations that have to ban the par-five of sliding tackle. Techniques like sliding tackle are anyway less helpful on wooden fields or synthetic fields. If a person tries to do a sliding tackle on an indoor soccer field, it may lead to bits or cuts.

Indoor Soccer Offside Rules

There are various associations that play without offside rules. Several associations implement a violating three lines rule that prohibits players to play ball in the sky from behind the outset line of their own forfeit area. If a player violates these rules, the opponent is rewarded with a free-kick at the front line area.

After considering these common rules, the indoor soccer sport is structured as the characteristics of individual associations. The majority of the rules of an indoor soccer game is adopted from other indoor games like ice hockey.

Soccer can be a tremendous and joyful game to play out under the sunlight, but what to do when winters arrive or clouds shed over the sky. These reasons should definitely not let you quit playing the most popular and joyful game soccer. Here’s the list of an indoor soccer game you can bring to elevate the reasons which do not let you play. These games can also be played while having an indoor soccer full side pic. These indoor soccer games can be played anywhere indoors be it your living room, gym, auditorium, or your playroom.

JOGENMAX Portable Indoor Soccer Game

indoor soccer games

JOGENMAX outdoor/ indoor soccer game set can be set up almost anywhere with no difficulty. This game is excellent for people of all ages and enables you to continue your training in every weather condition. It comes with a good quality soccer net which is made up of strong fiberglass and steel which makes it easy to set up and dismantle when needed. Players can also get indoor soccer shoes full side pic for a better experience. The game comes with tie knots that can be tied with the ground for the stability of the net.

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Franklin Sports Indoor Soccer Game Set

indoor soccer games

Franklin’s indoor soccer game set is perfect for kids as well as for youth players who love soccer. This indoor soccer game set can be used indoors or outside in your lawn or backyard so you can enjoy it all year round while wearing indoor soccer shoes full side pic. This amazing indoor soccer set is lightweight and is really easy to assemble and dismantle. Also, you can easily store it anywhere as it does not occupy much space.

Hover Indoor Soccer Game

indoor soccer games

Hover indoor soccer games are best for a family evening. It is best to play with your entire family on a cold or rainy day. It can be played with multiple players and almost every person in the family can play it. This game is also safe for kids and can not cause any harm to them. The Puma indoor soccer shoes game can be played while wearing Messi indoor soccer shoes. This is perfect for a fun day as it keeps all the players and the material things like Umbro indoor soccer shoes out of danger. It comes with a round flat soccer ball that enlightens every person’s mood.

Play22 Indoor Hover Soccer Ball Set

indoor soccer games

Play22 hover soccer indoor game set is great to gift for the holidays and birthdays of your friends and families. Puma indoor soccer shoes come with an airball with foam numbers and also an inflatable hover ball with a free air pump and two gates. The airball floats extremely smoothly on any wooden floor or carpet. This game enables you to build your own Puma indoor soccer shoe field at home. It is easy to use and does not harm persons or things when played with messy indoor soccer shoes. This game set can be set up for football, soccer, bowling, and hockey.

NET PLAYZ Fold-Up Portable Indoor Soccer

indoor soccer games

NET PLAYZ portable with Messi indoor soccer shoes set comes with a set of two goals in pairs. It also comes up with a carrying bag to easily fold and take the soccer set to different places. The Puma indoor soccer shoe game set is durable and easy to assemble and dismantle with Umbro indoor soccer shoes. This indoor soccer shoes full side pic game can be played with at most 8 players.

Dimples Excel Indoor Soccer Set

indoor soccer games

Dimples excel indoor soccer stadium set is for kids as well as for adults. The game set is simple to compile and dismantle with Umbro indoor soccer shoes. The Adidas indoor soccer shoes for men game is manufactured with excellent and perfect portable size and the manufacturers have focused more on quality. It comes in great quality with indoor soccer shoes in India. The game set comes with 10 years of warranty and is easy to use, stable, and can be used throughout the year.

Feiqio Hover Indoor Soccer Ball Set

indoor soccer games

The Feiqio hover indoor soccer stadium set comes with a performance motor. The game set ball is soft padded and is safe and secure. The hover ball also has durable and bright colorful led lights. The indoor soccer shoes India game delivers 100% satisfaction to the users and is completely safe to play anywhere anytime with Umbro indoor soccer shoes.

Portzon Indoor Soccer table

Indoor soccer games

The Portzon indoor soccer stadium table is a mini edition of a classic soccer game. It is fun and challenging and provides players a time full of joy and happiness. The game is really easy to play and can be played between two to four players. This is a perfect Adidas indoor soccer shoes for men game for family gatherings as both kids and adults can play the game. It is lightweight and easy to handle. The indoor soccer shoes India set can easily be compiled and dismantled to take time to different places.

Rally and Roar Indoor Soccer Tabletop Game


Rally and Roar tabletop indoor soccer stadium game is a never-ending entertainment. The Adidas indoor soccer shoes for men game is a mini version of a soccer game that is ultimate fun to play. The game comes with pre-assembled players and is certainly simple to play. The game is small in size but delivers great happiness. The indoor soccer shoes India game is popular for its varsity and elegance.

Sport Squad Indoor Soccer Game


Sports Squad soccer set comes in a compact size and can be fitted anywhere easily. The table has got ergonomic grips and thick rods. Furthermore, it comes with durable plastic players and a protective bottom. The game is best played with Adidas soccer shoes for men. The plastic players are preassembled on the table and give ultimate satisfaction to the players.

American Legend Indoor Soccer Table


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American legend indoor soccer is best for people of all ages. It comes with an abacus style scoring and an internally equipped ball return system. The cheap indoor soccer shoe table has got crossbars for adding stability and strength to the table. The American legend indoor soccer table is best suited for every occasion and can be played by kids as well as adults.

Soccer does not require to be an all-time competitive game, it can be played anytime between people of any age. The cheap Indoor soccer shoe table game adds a plus to this game as no weather can stop you from having fun. Indoor soccer games can be played with kids, between adults, and also between professionals. The indoor soccer game assists in developing skills while allowing people to enjoy while having fun.


If your soccer indoor games team is being tired of the old field soccer game then you should definitely try playing an indoor soccer game. The cheap indoor soccer shoes India game is no less than a blessing as the indoor soccer game can be enjoyed at any time with family and friends.

Benefits of Indoor Soccer Game

Indoor soccer is certainly the best way to play your favorite game even when it’s raining or cold outside. Each and every aspect and benefit of indoor soccer is discussed so that you can roll with your team in any weather conditions.

Indoor soccer is one of the best ways to boost up your soccer skills and continue training even in the offseason. There is not one but many benefits of indoor soccer but the primary and foremost one us that it can be played in any climate. This cheap indoor soccer shoes India game helps you to proceed with your training and fun in the rain,  cold, heat, wind, or in any condition. This short will help you get over the external training and practice sessions while evading all the problems.

If we compare it with outdoor soccer, it is a comparatively less pace game as the walls create less blockage as compared to outdoor soccer. Also, the ball is continuously rolling there are more chances of it getting touched by the wall. This continual action and play of ball help improving the fitness level and lead to ultimate fun.  These soccer indoor games will enable you to be fit even in the off-seasons and develops an explosion of speed with energy and stamina.

These soccer indoor games will help you concentrate on building techniques for small groups attacking and defending. It is possible because there maximum of eight players on the game field at a time. Shifts and changes become. a very significant aspect of the game as there are restricted numbers of players in the game field. This transition rule becomes very important as it provides the opportunity for every player. Moreover, it helps players to execute both defending and attacking skills no matter what side they are playing.

The less number of players also helps in the development of every player individually. Accordingly, skills including defending, dribbling, first touch, controlling, and passing becomes certainly important in the indoor soccer game.

Ultimately, the soccer indoor games are simply fun and happiness throughout the year. It enables you to experience a change of environment and scenery while playing the soccer indoor games in any weather.

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