Being the best chess board player is no less than a feather in the cap and skill or art and so is the knowledge to buy the best chess board set.

Chess is said to have a history that sets back to almost 1500 years. This game has allegedly, originated in northern India around the 6th century AD, and then it did spread to Persia.

Few legends claim that chess was invented around 200 B.C. by a commander, Han Xin, and it was invented to represent a battle. 

Chess is a two-player strategy board game and it is played on a checkered board. It has 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid.

Chess is an ancient strategy game that took on its earliest forms around the 6th century. This game of Chess is regarded as a game that has beneficial effects on learning and development, and even more beneficial when it is played from a young age.

It is a great game that comes in the category of indoor games and it also played in competitions. Chess has dedicated tournaments organized worldwide. You’ll be amazed to know that chess is a national hobby in Russia.

Perks of playing chess or being the best chess board player

1. Dendrite growth: The habitual practice of playing chess stimulates dendrite growth. As a result of this, the quality of neural communication and the speed is increased effectively.

2. Exercises both sides of the brain: In the game of chess left hemisphere of the brain deals with object recognition and the right hemisphere handles the pattern recognition as per studies. So, chess helps in exercising and using both sides of the brain.

3. Alzheimer’s disease prevention: Studies show that issues like depression and anxiety and even the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s are reduced to a great extent. It is a great mind exercising activity.

4. Schizophrenia treated by chess: Increased attention, planning, and reasoning abilities are exhibited by chess-playing patients.

5. Improves children’s thinking and problem-solving skills: Chess improves thinking, problem-solving, reading, and math scores in children as per the research conducted.

6. Builds self-confidence: Playing chess helps to build up self-esteem. The level of mental strength and self-confidence is increased by playing and analyzing our victory or defeat in the game. This game teaches us to be self-reliant and introspect our actions.

7. Helps with rehabilitation and therapy: Chess is a game that is often recommended to rehabilitate patients recovering from a stroke or a physically debilitating accident. Those with autism or other developmental disabilities practice chess as a therapy. Deep concentration and calm are also stimulated by playing chess. It also relaxes patients who are experiencing different degrees of anxiety.

8. Spatial skills are improved by chess: Ability to reasoning and remembering the dimensional relations of objects and the ability to understand is measured by spatial skills. The process of imagining and evaluating the current and future moves helps improve spatial skills.

9. Increases and improves IQ level: Studies conducted so far depict and signify that people who play chess are often found to possess a higher level as compared to the majority of non-chess playing fellow mates.

Initial setup of the best chessboard

The rooks of the chess board are placed on the outside corners, right and left edge and knights are placed immediately inside of the rooks.

The bishops are placed inside of the knights on the board while the queen is placed on the central square and that of the same color as that of the player. To mention specifically, the white queen on the white square and the black queen on the black square.

The king occupies the empty spot which is next to the queen and the pawns are placed at one square in front of all the other pieces.

checkout rules to play chess:

The schedule has settled on a two-year cycle with a championship, since 2014. It is organized in every even year

Ways a game may end 

Checkmates are rare in competitive chess. Most often it ends depending on the decisions made by either any one player or both of them.


Checkmate: When the king cannot be replaced or moved out of a check claim.

Resignation: A player might resign in some situations when his/her position is not defendable anymore. A losing player can resign by placing their king on its side on the chessboard.

Out of time: If the player’s clock time is over (exceeding the time control). 


(1) Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

indoor group games for kids

This one of the best chess board is an Incredible glass chessboard suspended over the Coliseum

and proves out to be complete fun for the whole family!

Its base is a highly detailed resin replica of the iconic Amphitheatre and it has an alluring bronze and silver color.


Board dimensions: 13.5L x 13.5W inches

Square size: 1.5 inches

(2) Magnetic Wooden Folding Chess Set 

best chess board set

It is wooden chess set with inlaid walnut and has felted interior storage with straps for securing your pieces, and the hinges lay flat with the board to avoid scratching playing surfaces. It deserves to be placed in the best chest board.


LARGE – 15″ x 15″ folding chess board for easy gameplay

SIZE – 3″ King Piece

This best chess board comes with handcrafted Staunton style pieces and is the perfect size board for beginners and experienced players.

A quick start guide of this chessboard comes with each set for the beginners of the game. 

This chess board set comes with an extra queen for each side, which is nice for pawn promotions. The foam to hold the pieces is a nice touch, the clasps to hold it closed work well.

The pieces even have small magnets in them to help keep them in place. again, a nice touch for a low-cost set.

This best chess set reserves its place in the best chess sets to buy for a price like this.

(3) Romans & Egyptian Chessmen & Houston Street Chess Board Set

best chess board set

This is a hand-painted chessman crafted from solid marble resin with felted bottoms. This is a best chess board for those who want a high-quality set of chessmen that is unique and crafted with amazing details. The chessboard is maple & walnut finished. Imported from the Orient. It is much more worth than the price it costs.


King Height: 21/2″. Base Diameter on the Romans: 7/8″ X 5/8″ Oval

Base Diameter on the Egyptians: 7/8″.

Squares: 11/8″.

Board: 12″ sq.

(4) BUSINESS PEOPLE Wooden Chess Board Set 

best chess board set

This Wooden Folding Chess Game Board Set is made up of Good Quality Sheesham wood (brown) and maple (white). This gives it a classic look. It is a handcrafted Foldable Chess Board that is made on Wooden Base and has an inlaid Wooden Square. 

Every Piece is Fitted Inside the Chess Board. It is a completely handmade product.

There is a special Glossy Finish of Chess Board, and strong Materials are Used in Pieces. It is lightweight and Easy to Carry Chess Pieces.

This is a Foldable Chess set and Made of Medium Wood Thickness to Make It Foldable. This is a Fine Quality Chess Board.


The King Measures 2.00″ High. 

Other Pieces Are in Proportional to Kings Height. 

Pieces of this chess set are made of Brown/Yellow Polished Wood. It is a lovely Handcrafted Chess board for your living room or a Grand Master in you.

This chess board set is a compact folding board and it is extremely portable. Pawns in this chess set are Dark Brown and Light Brown colored and of natural wood. All pieces are hand-carved. The chessboard also comes with a box to keep pieces in and protected. 

It has an antique and classy look. 

(5) NK STAR Games Chess Folding Magnetic Travel Set 

best chess board set

In this chessboard every, all individual pieces have a light magnetic attraction to the 64-square playing field. Also, light magnetism would make it stable to play while not hard to move the piece.

The well detailed magnetic chess pieces are white and black ABS solid plastic and come with felt on the bottom.

This magnetic chess set has a Foldable design. The chess pieces can be put into the chessboard for easy storage. This set has a novel style and it is suitable for home, company, school, journey, bus, or picnic.

Gift your child this plastic best chessboard with 64 squares and 32 chess pieces in two colors.

(6) CHESSNCRAFTS Tournament Chess Set 

best chess board set

Board & pieces both can be stored in the same and can be easily carried by a handle on top. (zipper & velcro opening)

This even comes with a pair of extra queens and a Red velvet storage bag is included in the offer.


17″x 17″ Tournament Chess Board Set. 

Chess pieces King height 3.75 inch

Owing to the plastic pieces & roll-up chess board’s unique sleek pattern designing, this chess set is named TOURNAMENT. The fine detailing of Knight, King, Queen(crown), Bishop makes it a nice Staunton set so it is the best choice of chess clubs & players. Felted from the bottom for smooth movement on the board. The chess pieces are crafted impeccably to look perfect and stylish.

(7) Royal Selangor Hand Finished Star Wars Collection Pewter Star Wars Classic Chess Set


best chess board set

This chess board set has very iconic characters which represent opposing forces from Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI, and they face each other across a chessboard of tempered glass which is capped by satin finish pewter feet. 

Every piece is meticulously hand-finished by experienced craftspeople.

This best chess board set has a superbly detailed exterior and cast in High-Quality Pewter.


The embattled Rebel Alliance faces down their menacing Imperial counterparts as pewter chess pieces, enhanced by sleek bonded porcelain plinths in cool grey and matt black respectively.

(8) Manopoulos Greek Roman Army Chess Set

best chess board set

The theme for this beautiful best chess board/ best chess set from Manopoulos is inspired by the Greek-Roman period. This divine conflict was often recreated by Greek sculptors through their art. This period was characterized by fierce local as well as international wars.


King Height: 5.4 cm (2.125″) 

King Base: 1.9 cm (0.75″) 

Pawns material: Brass and Nickel Plated, cast Zinc

Dimensions of board: 28cm x 28cm  

Square size: 2.5cm 

Material: Brass board over wood (color-Red-Brass)

This one of the best chess board is handmade in Greece.

(9) Radical and Handmade White and Green Onyx Weighted Full Chess Game Set 

best chess board set


This is one of the best chess board/ best chess set is a handmade Green and White Marble Chess Set. It is a Beautiful 12 Inches Handcrafted Onyx and Marble Chess Board. It comes in a safe and fragile secured packaging to keep them safe and well protected against collisions with other pieces while on the move.

Full Chess Set Weighs approx. 6.5 kgs.

There are 32 chess pieces and a chessboard.

It is handcrafted from the Finest, Premium Onyx, Marble, and Fossil/Coral Stone.

(10) Dragon Kingdom best Chessboard with Glass Board Set

best chess board set

This best chess board set is made of polyresin, hand-painted, and polished. 

The Board is made of glass.

The chessboard pieces are approximately 3.75″ each.

Board measures 17″ by 17″


Chess has the power to bring people together and it also teaches us how to win and lose and how to gracefully accept both and then learn from the mistakes made. This game helps you realize the consequences of your actions and also develops creativity. Skills like problem-solving and decision-making ability can be well learned from this game.

Chess helps you learn how to be calm under pressure and enhances your focus and develops self-confidence.

This game in itself is no less than skill. 

So go right away and order your best chess board if you don’t already have one and master this game or rather should we say, Skill!


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